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Hello and welcome! I’m Itua, a health and nutrition enthusiast living in Lagos, Nigeria. I’m very passionate about exploring the link between our eating habits and overall health and wellbeing. A lot of us don’t know what optimal health feels like because low grade sickness has been eating away at us, undetected for nearly our entire lives. We have low energy, we wake up tired, we have heartburn. We might be diabetic, hypertensive or depressed. These problems can all be traced back to what and how we eat. The modern diet of fast food and processed junk might be tasty, but it also makes us unhealthy and unhappy. We might have become trapped in an endless cycle of dieting, juice cleanses, weight-loss pills and workout programs, all in a bid to combat what the conventional diet has done to our bodies. But enough is enough, it is time now to take our happiness and health into our own hands, and out of our doctor’s office. Meal time should be about enjoying the taste of food, not about counting calories or forcing yourself to eat a salad when you really just want a shawarma.

I started this blog to help people who are looking to eat healthier but still enjoy great tasting food. There is no shortage of healthy recipes online, but I have found that the majority of them are too bland for my Nigerian tastebuds. On this blog I will share recipes that are very healthy but also very flavourful and satisfying. You will never think of healthy food as boring or bland again! My recipes will typically be healthy vegan versions of common Nigerian meals, made with ingredients you can find easily in Nigeria. Why vegan? Well I don’t claim to be an expert on health or nutrition, but from months of research and sifting through propaganda vs. fact, I have found that a vegan diet is the only really healthy way to eat. It turns out that no animal products can ever be referred to as ‘healthy’ (yes, even milk and eggs and fish; more on that later). I will also share health and wellness tips that I find helpful.

Happy reading (and cooking)!




6 thoughts on “About

  1. how can I reach you via email? I have a lot of questions to ask. I saw your post your BN. It’s very inspiring. I have stopped eating any animal fat and the results were incredible! I am starting with plant based and aiming for veganism though. I need guidance and it’s good to know that you are in Nigeria. I never knew it was a “touchy” issue to discuss veganism with the world. LOL….because of meat?


    1. Lol! Na so we see am o! Thanks for the comment about the post, I’m glad you liked it. Shoot me an email: naijaveganchef at gmail dot com


  2. I just turned Vegan over a week ago.Believe it or not,I already feel changes. A friend referred me to your blog and I am so excited about the recipes I have seen already and I can’t wait to try them out.This was exactly what i needed for this new journey and life I am embracing.It will be great to get support here as most of my family and friends think I’m out of my mind and there will be no way i will survive not eating meat.But I am about to prove them wrong.


    1. Hi Deutina, your comment has literally made my day! I hope the recipes here help you on your journey. Please share feedback when you try them, whether good or bad so I can improve on them. And I’m always available if you have any questions about becoming and staying vegan. If you’re up for it, I’d like to chat about what inspired the change. Do shoot me an email (see Contact page). Stay awesome!


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