Is Pokemon Go vegan?

So I saw this聽video聽on Facebook about how some vegans are against the idea of Pokemon Go, because animals are captured and made to fight against their own will. People are saying that if we should ban Pokemon Go because of cruelty to animals, then should we now ban all video games with any form of violence, etc? It’s just a game, etc.
This will just be another excuse to dismiss vegans as crazy extremists, so let me try to clarify. I think people are missing the point.

When you play Call of Duty, you are well aware that killing humans is wrong, and you know very well that the game is not transferable to real life. But the thing about animal cruelty is that not everyone realises or agrees that it is wrong. So聽vegans and vegan organisations like PETA聽can use Pokemon Go to raise awareness of this by drawing parallels between fighting Pokemon and dog-fighting or cock-fighting. But this doesn’t mean that the game must be banned or whatever. It’s just so people become more conscious of what they are actually doing. People should know that it is not okay in real life to treat animals the way Pokemon are treated. And people who do not let their kids play Call of Duty because it may desensitise them to violence, should also not allow their kids play Pokemon Go because it numbs them to animal cruelty.

Image credit: Youtube


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