Chickpea + black bean burger with almond milk mayo

So I finally got a food processor! *singing and dancing* It’s a Kenwood Compact unit that takes up half the space of a regular unit, and it’s still got all the same functions. I love it! 🙂

Of course the first thing I did to launch the processor was make a veggie burger. I’ve had delicious meatless burgers at Protea Hotel (Ikeja) and at Veggie Victory (a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Lagos) but I’ve always wanted to make my own. So as I picked up the processor I also picked up ingredients for my veggie burger patty. I knew I would need a nice creamy spread but I couldn’t find any egg free and dairy free options in the shops. So I looked up how to make vegan mayo and found out it’s super easy! Luckily enough I already had the ingredients at home.

The burger patties were so good, you wouldn’t miss the meat at all. They hold together quite well and have that chewy texture of a minced meat burger. A common challenge with veggie burgers is not holding their shape – I encountered this too but oats saved the day 🙂 I made enough to freeze and keep for a couple weeks so I’ll be trying the patties out in different ways – with a salad, or crumbled into vegan spaghetti bolognese, maybe? I’ll keep you posted.


Okay,let’s make this burger!

For the patty you’ll need:


20151004_19554720151004_195608  20151004_195724

+ 3 cups chickpeas, boiled

+ 2 cups black beans, boiled

+ A handful of Basil leaves, chopped

+ 1 chili pepper, chopped/ground

+ 4 cups oats (this is a binder – you can substitute semolina or any other flour)

+ Spice mix: curry, ground cumin, coriander, turmeric, African nutmeg, ground chilli pepper, salt

+ 1 cup Frozen sweetcorn

+ 2 tbsp vegetable oil ( your choice of coconut, sunflower, etc)

+ 5 tbsp fermented locust bean (iru/dawadawa)

+ 6 chestnut mushrooms, stalks removed and chopped

+ A full clove of garlic (I used the smaller local garlic, if you use the bigger imported kind use half a clove)

+ 1 large onion, chopped

+ 6 carrots, grated

This makes 10 to 15 patties depending on how thick you make them.

For the burger:

+ 1 large, firm tomato

+ 1 hamburger bun *finding eggless, milkless bread was hard but I finally did

+ Egg free, dairy free mayo

+ Lettuce, pickles or anything else you like in your burger

For the mayo you’ll need:

+ 4 cups Almond milk, frozen and left to thaw – I use natural, locally made Omnutri almond milk because it doesn’t have weird additives in it. If you use Almond Breeze or any other imported kind, you may get different results

*you can substitute with any other vegan milk but the results will be different – when I try out other milks I’ll let you know how it turns out

+ 1/4 cup Coconut oil – I used locally made pure coconut oil from Uwa Earth Foods – it has so much body and flavour

*you can substitute with olive or sunflower oil – the taste will be different but don’t be afraid to experiment!

+ 3 tbsp Apple cider vinegar

+ Spices *try black pepper, nutmeg, salt…the spice mix is up to you really but not more than a pinch of each

+ A food mixer or a processor with emulsifier attachment

+ A muslin cloth (or a new handkerchief)

+ You can also add half a teaspoon of mustard if you like

+ a small container for storage

How to make the burger patty

1.Grind up the chickpeas in a food processor to a fairly smooth consistency. *If you don’t have a processor, you can also blend with a little water. You’ll just end up with a wetter mixture at step 4, so in step 5 you add the oats dry, not mixed with water.

2. Grind/blend the black beans and iru together very roughly – you should still see some whole beans in there.

3. Grind/blend the oats to a smooth powder *use the blender attachment for grinding spices

4. Combine the chickpeas, black bean mixture, mushrooms, onions, carrots, chili pepper, and basil leaves together in a bowl. Add spices in your desired quantities – there’s no rule to this, just start small and taste as you go. I generally just go hard with the curry and use only a little cumin.

The mixture should be very dry at this point

5. Add a bit of water to the oats and mix into a thick paste. Add to the mixing bowl and mix in well with your hands. You should be able to form the patty mix into balls that hold together. If the mixture is too wet, grind up more oats and gradually add them, dry, to the bowl until this happens. Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary.

6. Form your patties and lay them on a tray. Put them in the freezer for 20 mins to set.

7. Bake the patties on an oil coated baking pan on medium heat (gas mark 2 on my oven) for 40 mins on each side. Check regularly to make sure they don’t burn – my oven may be very different from yours. They should be crisp on the outside and soft inside.


And your veggie burger patty is done! They freeze really well – just pack them into a container or ziplock bag with a sheet of baking paper in between to prevent them from sticking together. You can also freeze the raw patties but I like to freeze cooked ones because all you have to do is reheat and eat 🙂

Now for the mayo…

How to make the almond milk mayo

When almond milk is frozen and thawed, the curds start to separate from the water. It looks a bit gross but don’t worry, the nutritional value is not affected at all. It just looks different. Not so nice to drink anymore but great for making mayonnaise 🙂

1.Strain the water from the almond milk using a muslin cloth or new handkerchief (boil the cloth/soak in vinegar to sterilise before use – you’re not going to cook the mayo so this is a necessary step)

You should be left with a thick, yoghurt-like liquid. This is your mayo base.You may need to strain twice to get the water out properly.

2. Pour the liquid into a mixer or food processor (with the emulsifier attachment in) and add the vinegar, mustard and spices. Turn on the mixer.

3. While the mixer is running, slowly add the oil in little drips at a time. Slow and steady wins the race – if you pour in too much oil at once you won’t end up with mayo.

That’s it! When all your oil is gone, stop the mixer – and you have a lovely, creamy vegan mayo! Best part is it that it doubles as salad dressing if you add a bit of water.

Leave the mayo to cool and set in the fridge before using. It should keep in the fridge for 2 weeks at least. Don’t make too much at a time to avoid spoilage and waste.

And now you can slice up the tomato, slather mayo on the patty, put your burger together – and enjoy some guilt-free fast food! 🙂



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